Thursday, August 30, 2012

Space: The Final Frontier

Moolit Mermaid Night Sky

The stars are the jewels of the night,
and perchance surpass anything which
day has to show.
                             -Henry David Thoreau

     By some lucky chance, we are on the verge of our first events: Our first journey together begins with laughter and a thoughtful look to the sky. We will gather on the triangle On Sunday at 10:30 and head off into the great unknown!

     As the night comes closer, I get more and more excited. Stargazing is a love of mine, not because I am particularly good at it, but because I an in such awe of those who are. The stars inspire me to sing, to dance, to write songs about the kind of smile that catches you unawares as it steals across your face, and to ponder  the joy resting in every light strung across the deep expanse of sky. I seem to fall into them, and goodness only knows what we will have in store for us with a brilliant moon and many happy companions.

     Snacks will be available, as well as basic constellation spying, and small games. By the end of the night, who knows what will happen for us. But with kindness and consideration, we will have a wonderful time of it.

     Let the stars inspire you. I welcome you to join us for stargazing this Sunday.

     With my highest hopes and deepest wishes,


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