Mission Statement

     We are the Outdoors Club of William Jewell College. As members of this organization, we strive to educate ourselves on our natural surroundings, encourage activity and appreciation of the environment, and share valuable experiences within the group and the greater Jewell community.

     Our purpose is threefold: We are here to enjoy, to learn, and to discover. Our lessons lie within and without; we embody the teachers and the students. When we venture outdoors, we bring with us compassion, kindness, and a willingness to learn. We take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. We allow ourselves to enjoy the space, the tranquility, and recognize that we see in the world what is reflected in our hearts. 
     Heading outdoors is a break from the world of academia for us to peel ourselves away from our studies and  enjoy the hidden treasures on and around campus. We can find a balance between work, school, and play by taking time for ourselves, stretching our leaden limbs and opening our minds to the glories of the natural world. It is with this balance and understanding that we can return to our studies refreshed and ready to learn. 

     We are the Outdoors Club of 2012-2013. Please feel free to make suggestions and edit our mission statement. I hope to represent us all here, and I would love to have your help. 
     Send me a postcard. Drop me a line. Tell me why you want to be a part of us, and I'll make sure to add your mission statement to the page.

     See you in the fall.


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