April 2013 Scavenger Hunt!

Can you find the creek? Take a picture.

  Find something bright orange. It could be a traffic cone or maybe orange ribbon tied to a tree. Take a picture of it.

Can you spot a bird house hiding in a tree? Take a Picture of it.

   This rock is one of a kind. Can you find it? Take a picture of it. 

    Waterfalls can be big or small. Find one and take a picture of it.

Mud preserves the tracks of animals. 
Can you find an animal track on the trail?  
Take a picture of some tracks. Humans don’t count.

While it may seem like the park goes on forever, it does have an edge. 
Take a picture of the fence that marks the boundary of the park.

While wildlife may seem scarce, the birds have come out. Take a picture of a bird or other creature which you come across in the woods.
 But be quiet, the animals scare easily.

 There are many benches in the park. Take a picture of a friend sitting on one of them.

This tree is forever alone. Can you find it? Once you do, take a picture. 
HINT: the base of this tree is worn away with the perfect place to store a cache. 

This tree has quite a defense mechanism. Large pointy clusters of quills ornament this tree. Take a picture of one. 

Markers tell us where to go. Take a picture of the butterfly marker.

 This rickety old bridge can be found on one of the trails. Take a picture of it and tread carefully. 

This short tunnel is the perfect mixture of man -made architecture in a natural environment. Take a picture. 

Some trees want to be clouds. Find a tree whose top is worn away white. Take a Picture.

   By the Creek you will find stone steps. Take a picture of one of the stone steps in the park.

 Final challenge.
 Find a rock in the river or by the river and do a fun pose. 
Yoga, martial arts or just plain silly, all are accepted. 
Be careful as the rocks may be slippery.

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